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Your behavioral health benefits

Have you been feeling like yourself lately? If not, that’s OK. We offer behavioral health treatment to our members who need some extra care.

I’m having a mental health crisis

I’m having a mental health crisis

Call 911 or go to the nearest hospital if:

  • You are thinking about hurting yourself or someone else
  • You have a behavioral health emergency

You can use any hospital for emergency care even if it isn’t in our network. Just show your Aetna Better Health® of California ID card.

Our behavioral health services

Servicios de trastorno de abuso de sustancias

We cover:


  • Servicios de trastorno de abuso de sustancias para pacientes externos, incluidos servicios de tratamiento residencial
  • Desintoxicación voluntaria para pacientes internados

Specialty mental health services (SMHS)

SMHS is for patients with serious mental illnesses. We help you get the treatment you need. That’s why we provide high-quality coverage at the hospital or in your home.

Servicios de salud mental para pacientes externos

Your doctor will refer you for a mental health screening or you can schedule an appointment on your own. Call Member Services at 1-855-772-9076 (TTY: 711) for help. You will be recommended for treatment if your screening results show that:


  • You are in mild or moderate distress
  • You have impairment of mental, emotional or behavioral functioning


After your screening, we’ll suggest you take more action to evaluate a mental health condition. Then, we’ll match you with the outpatient service that best fits your needs. 

Behavioral health treatment for autism spectrum disorder (ASD)

Our ASD coverage is patient- and guardian-focused. We offer coaching in social and behavioral skills, so you’ll have the tools to live your best life. You’ll qualify for behavioral health treatment services if:


  • You are under the age of 21
  • You have behaviors that interfere with home or community life (anger, violence, self-injury, running away, difficulty with living or communication skills)
  • Services are medically necessary, prescribed by a licensed doctor or psychologist, and approved by the plan

For more information

Call Member Services: 1-855-772-9076 (TTY: 711).

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