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Don’t lose your Medi-Cal coverage

Helping you live healthy is our top priority. You need to renew your Medi-Cal coverage every year to keep your Medi-Cal benefits and services. The process is easy, but very important. You have 90 days after you lose your coverage to contact your county human services agency.

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Renewing your Medi-Cal coverage

Renewing your Medi-Cal coverage

Every 12 months, your county will conduct a review to determine if you and/or your family members continue to meet Medi-Cal eligibility requirements. This review process is called your annual redetermination. 


Your county will check the information that you used last year. If it all matches, then they will renew your Medi-Cal coverage. And you’ll get a notice telling you that you’re still covered.


If your county can’t verify your information, they will send you a redetermination form. Fill out the required information. And send your form back to your county human services agency. Your county will send you a letter telling you if you still qualify for coverage.

You’ll lose your Medi-Cal coverage if you don’t return your redetermination form on time. If you lose your Medi-Cal coverage, you’ll get a notice. You can get your coverage back by contacting your county human services agency. You need to contact them within 90 days of getting your loss of coverage notice. And give them the information needed to continue your coverage. 

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Call your county for more information:


San Diego County: 1-866-262­-9881 (TTY: 711)


Sacramento County: 916-874-3100

Switch to Aetna Better Health®

You always have options

If you’re already enrolled in Medi-Cal, you can switch your health plan at any time during the year. You can join Aetna Better Health of California if you live in Sacramento County or San Diego County.


Here are a few ways you can change your plan:

If you no longer qualify for Medi-Cal, you may be able to get coverage you can afford from through your employer or from other options, such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace.


Learn about other coverage options:


  • Employer health plans: If you’re employed, you can ask your employer if they offer them for their employees. If they do, be sure to also ask for a breakdown of costs, so you can see if you can afford the coverage.
  • Visit to learn about other coverage options you may be eligible for.

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